Off-Grid Solar Garden Light


Sturdy Outdoor Light for Any Weather

This outdoor light is tough and can handle any weather. It’s made from strong materials like die-cast aluminum and Acrylic. Plus, it’s coated to be waterproof. It passed a test to prove it can stay outdoors for years without getting rusty.

Sleek Modern Style

The light looks modern and classy. It has a cool design that makes it cozy and romantic. It gives off a soft light that’s not too bright. At night, it looks beautiful from far away, almost like a big candle. This makes it great for making things easier to see at night and keeping things safe.

Works Anywhere Outside

You can use this light in lots of places outside, like your yard, porch, patio, fence, garage, garden, driveway, pathway, walkway, hallway, and entryway. It’s also


LED Lamp 2835LED 30PCS
Color Temperature: 3000K+6000K
Solar Panel Type: 6V 2W, Polycrystalline
Battery Type: Lithium 3.7V 2.5AH
Charging Time: 6-8 hours
Discharging Time: 2 Rainy days
LED: 160lm/w
IP Rate: IP65
Material: ABS+Aluminium Alloy
Warranty: 2 years


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Off-Grid Solar Garden Light