350 Solar CCTV Camera


Product Details:
Camera Resolution: 4MP for high-definition images.
Size: Compact 2-inch ultra-mini body made of engineering plastic.
Weather Resistance: Outdoor rainproof design for durability.
Connectivity: WIFI-enabled for easy network connection via QR code.
Detection Features: PIR+ humanoid detection for quick recording.
Angle Adjustments: Pan capability up to 350°, Tilt up to 150°.
Security Alerts: Real-time push alerts
Protection: IP66 weatherproof rating and Standard IEC61000-4-5 lightning protection.

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Introducing Our Advanced Solar Street Light Camera!

High-Definition Picture Quality:

Experience crisp, high-definition images with our 4 MP camera. Its 2-inch ultra-mini body, crafted from durable engineering plastic material, boasts outdoor rainproof features, blending style with functionality.

Seamless Connectivity:

Easily connect the camera to the network via WIFI by scanning the QR code. Enjoy simple and convenient operation. Benefit from ultra-low power consumption during both working and standby modes, ensuring an extended standby duration.

Intelligent Detection & Control:

Activate PIR+ humanoid detection for quick recording when motion is detected. The camera offers a 350° Pan and up to 150° Tilt for comprehensive coverage. With its own hotspot connection, you can view and playback videos even without a network.

Storage & Security Features:

Secure your video data with support for cloud storage and local TF card video storage. The camera’s infrared white light dual light design allows adjustable modes between black and white and full color for enhanced clarity.

Active Defense & Real-Time Alerts:

Activate active defense mode, triggering real-time push alarm information when someone enters the warning area. The equipment’s lights also serve as an alarm, enhancing security measures.


Remote Monitoring & Protection:

Supporting remote monitoring via mobile phone and PC client, access live scenes from anywhere, anytime. With an IP66 rating and Standard IEC61000-4-5 lightning protection level, it ensures durability against surges and adverse weather conditions.

Versatile Installation:

Enjoy flexible installation options with support for hoisting, wall mounting, and pole mounting methods.

Upgrade your security measures with our Solar Street Light Camera—combining high-definition imaging, intelligent detection, remote monitoring, and robust security features for comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind.


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350 Solar CCTV Camera

Availability: 46 in stock